QA Testing Methodology is precisely defined at Aqlanza to ensure the correct definition of testing solutions. Quality Assurance and Software Engineering are key areas we focus on in the Software Development Life Cycle processes this is very crucial to deployment of the products . Our comprehensive Methodology ensures thorough and effective QA Testing of the software products and applications.

At our centre of excellence ,software testers have an extensive experience in starting with easy single user applications and continuing with multifarious cross-platform applications.

Quality Assurance and testing ensures that the software is the best in its current form. Our software QA and Testing service consists of all the means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods that ensure quality.

We have in-house Software Testing Methodology.

Our proven software testing methodologies gives us an edge by identifying the defects at the early phase of software development life cycle, which in turns reduces development cost, increase products superiority and effectiveness as well as client's reputation.

Key Features of our Software testing services:

  • World-class Infrastructure
  • Certified Software Test Engineers
  • Immense Knowledge of SDLC
  • Proven Testing Methodology
  • Access to Latest Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Authoritarian Code Security Policy
  • Transparent Reporting and Communication Process